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It’s all about Art. Architecture Wall Studio is a wood decor design company based in south India.  We love to make new designs in wood with unique, beautiful custom-made solid wood furniture that lasts. We specialize in the use of different woods and different colors in a single piece of furniture to add to the beauty of the wood. Our skillful carpenter’s manufacture that designs to true. AWS retail all of our work in-house, and all from our workshop on the Southside.

We believe in functional, straightforward design. Every design is unique and space-based and aims to offer maximum utilization and value for a given piece of furniture. We use treated and seasoned wood to provide longevity to the furniture. We select solid hardwoods and hand-rubbed finishes, not just because they look good, but because they allow us to make furniture that can be easily repaired—that is, furniture that’s more likely to last. Our work draws from various design traditions and latest trends.

We started from a small wood workshop, it was a long journey to belong here. There is thousands of value customers satisfied by our quality of manufacturing. We give the first priority for our customer satisfaction and we believe it continues.